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Amy's musical journey began when she wrote her first song in the back pages of her school spelling book. Only knowing a couple of chords back then, she decided she would write her own music because it was easier than learning other people's. Since then, she has released two albums, a number of EPs, and a live album amongst other projects. She has performed both globally and locally at pubs, clubs, houses, gardens and festivals, and continues to be a prolific writer.
Her songs explore identity, politics, environment and community to inspire action and encourage connection.


Amy began playing handpan in 2014 and was first recognised by her unique style and use of loops to reimagine popular songs. Since then she has grown and developed a strong voice in the handpan community, singing modern mantras and songs of her own weaving. Her playing is a subtle blend of intricate patterns and simple, soothing sounds that weave and flow with her voice and lyrics.
Eager to explore the handpan to its full potential, Amy often collaborates with other artists, art forms, and instruments. She is particularly intrigued by the way different environments and connections with different players can inspire a whole new muse and sound - emotion translated to music.
Amy offers individual and group workshops, usually focussed not just in playing handpan, but in exploring a much more holistic approach to music making with the handpan at its core. Find out more on the "workshops" page.

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Amy began playing taiko in 2014 as a student with Humber Taiko and soon became part of the teaching team. With Humber Taiko founders Emma Middleton and Lisa Oliver she also performs in taiko trio Coritani - a group that explores diversity and collaboration within the art form through words, song, and other melodic instruments. They have performed across the UK as well as in Europe and America at conferences, shows and festivals. 
Amy teaches taiko in schools across the Humber region, as well as leading the very groups she first joined and learned to play with. Her compositions tend to be lively, celebratory and well suited to beginners, intermediate players and large groups.
As she travels, Amy also offers workshops to existing groups and new players. Her workshops range from teaching repertoire to introductory sessions or skills based sessions. For more information on this see "workshops"

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