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In this course:


  • 3 songs focussing on 3 elements of handpan playing + singing

  • 3 exercises specific to each song

  • Warmups, meditations + bonus exercises 

  • A selection of bitesize song snippets + vocal melody ideas to springboard your own songwriting in various handpan scales

  • Songbooks containing notation for a number of handpan scales


About the songs:


  • Fire Song - burn fears and expectations of your own ability. Learn a simple groove, 2 chords and repeating vocal phrase. Fun, lighthearted, good for campfires!

  • Breathe - meditate, control the breath and play slow. Learn a four chord song, arpeggios + polyrhythms. Gentle, inward facing

  • Freedom Song - sing proud, groove hard! Learn a more complex groove, integrate into a four chord pattern and sing for freedom.

What to expect:

This course was originally taught as a zoom class with live participants, it is made up of recordings from the classes and has a very interactive approach. I have adapted the original recordings to work in the course portal space, as well as adding bonus videos + challenges.


By the end of this course you will know how to play handpan as an accompaniment for the voice, how to sing more confidently, and you will have 3 brand new songs in your repertoire. The voice and handpan are taught together as one, integrating the two from start to finish. 


Which scales are compatible? 


For singing songs, the best scales are those that offer all available chords in its key.

The best scales for this are:

Kurd / Annaziska, Sabye / Ashakiran 

Any other scale can work, I have covered popular scales in the notation provided but if you don't see your scale in the songbook, reach out, and I will notate for you.

Feel free to take these songs into your own communities, play them and teach them as you wish, and give whoever hears them from you a hug from me.

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