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Singing and Songwriting for Handpan with Amy Naylor

If you're interested in singing while playing, developing your rhythm skills, writing your own songs, expressing yourself through voice and music, then join this 6 week course!

Weekly video releases exploring different topics, one song breakdown a week (some of which are as yet unreleased songs of mine!), writing activities, singing activities, improvised exploration, and more!

This course is beginner/intermediate friendly, but is NOT a "learn to play handpan" space (hold on tight for my upcoming HandpanDojo course for that), nor will you learn how to play "insert song/technique here". This is a creativity focussed course, a space to play, a space to explore, a space to connect.

Enrolment is open now!

Starting August 15th.

Sign up any time during the course - all videos and resources remain accessible after release.

£50 for over 6hrs of content.

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